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Plant-Based Lifestyle Consulting
Ron Badach, Founder Callicoon Kitchen

Coming Soon - Individual Consultations & Corporate Wellness Workshops

With over 25 years of experience in plant-based recipe development, Ron will offer both individual consultations and group workshops to share his expertise, knowledge and practical tips to thrive in a plant-based lifestyle. Sessions will be customized to maximize positive impact... whether you or your group are newly transitioning to plant-based foods or you are seeking to take your plant-based lifestyle to a new level.

Our online consulting booking will launch soon. For inquiries please email

Consulting - Coming Soon!
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Our signature black bean burgers, crab-less cakes, tofu Bahn Mi and marketplace soups, noodles and salads are available for same day dinner pickup. Order online by noon for same day pickup 3pm - close. 

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Zero food waste, whole foods, efficient service and a unique selection of healthy, 100% plant-based dishes to keep our customers inspired, healthy and happy.


We create the ultimate clean, creative, delicious dishes ...all made from scratch from our own in-house recipes. We are dedicated to serving whole, 100% plant-based, sustainable foods that nourish our both our customers and the earth.

We started with a food blog from the kitchen of our farmhouse in Callicoon, a historic river town in the scenic Catskills of upstate New York. We created recipes and videos to share our passion for delicious 100% plant-based dishes. Next stop ... an appearance by founder, Ron Badach on ABCs The CHEW where Callicoon Kitchen's classic black bean burger stole the show.

After The CHEW, the blog became a website and social media outlet where people from across the country and around the world began to connect with us about how to transition to a plant-based diet. It was clear that people had different motivations to make the change -- a desire to improve their health (for themselves and for the people who love them) -- concern for animal welfare -- a determination to eat a more earth-friendly diet. Regardless of their reason, people were inspired by a chance to make a change to a plant-based diet without having to compromise the taste and the joy they receive from food.

Our commitment to share the excitement of plant-based cooking moved with us when we made the decision to relocate our family from New York to Virginia Beach in 2014.  Our passion continued and in August 2020 we opened our cafe featuring a retail and catering menu with whole, 100% plant-based foods.  Opportunities in wholesale have allowed us to expand the reach of our plant-based products.  We continue to develop new avenues in education, partnerships and consulting to share the benefits and joy of a plant-based lifestyle.
Our Story
A 2013 appearance by Callicoon Kitchen founder Ron Badach on ABCs The CHEW showcased our Classic Black Bean Burger and introduced the world to the creativity, taste and excitement of plant-based foods.

ABC TV 13 Friday Flavors October 16, 2020

FRIDAY FLAVOR: Callicoon Kitchen in Virginia Beach

Virginian Pilot Article November 5, 2020

Two new plant-based restaurants in Virginia Beach, with fruit-stacked waffles and delicious black-bean burgers

Virginian Pilot Article August 5, 2020

Callicoon Kitchen, plant-based restaurant from a TV “Hunky Husband,” will soon open in Virginia Beach

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