100% plant-based sustainable foods

Online Courses - Coming Soon
Unique and creative courses designed for special diets.
gluten-free / celiac ⓥ oil-free ⓥ diabetes ⓥ weight reduction

We create whole 100% plant-based foods that nourish both humans and the earth.  

We develop unique and creative recipes using the freshest produce and seasonal products and are committed to developing nutrition education programs and online courses to support individuals to embrace and thrive in a plant-based lifestyle.

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A 2013 appearance by Callicoon Kitchen founder Ron Badach on ABCs The CHEW showcased our Classic Black Bean Burger and introduced the world to the creativity, taste and excitement of plant-based foods.

ABC TV 13 Friday Flavors October 16, 2020

FRIDAY FLAVOR: Callicoon Kitchen in Virginia Beach

Virginian Pilot Article November 5, 2020

Two new plant-based restaurants in Virginia Beach, with fruit-stacked waffles and delicious black-bean burgers

Virginian Pilot Article August 5, 2020

Callicoon Kitchen, plant-based restaurant from a TV “Hunky Husband,” will soon open in Virginia Beach

Plant-Based Cooking & Nutrition Education - Coming Soon

Ron Badach, Founder Callicoon Kitchen
With over 25 years of experience in plant-based recipe development, Ron offers his expertise, knowledge and practical tips to succeed in transitioning and living a plant-based lifestyle.

Online cooking and nutrition courses specifically designed for special diets including gluten-free / celiac, oil-free, diabetes and weight reduction are in development and will be offered soon.

For inquiries please email ron@callicoonkitchen.com

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